Why Brain Dumps are bad and unethical

SO you’re probably wondering about that Brain Dump and taking an “easy way” out of passing your test and that is how you probably ended up here. I once worked for a Managed Services company in Raleigh, NC who had a philosophy that as long as you study for test they’ll pay for the Brain Dump so you “know what you’re going into”. While this seems like justification it is pure illegal and WRONG! If you dump a test quite a few of us in the industry have a two letter profane sentence for you… Furthermore here is why brain dumps will hurt you:

If you proudly display your brain dumped certification for the world to see you’re merely setting yourself up for failure because it won’t be too long before the cracks start seeping through the layers of your inept skill set. Much like my past employer a lot of people like these people with the alphabet behind their name because it means you get differing level of support from vendors and even “freebies” from them. This may be good for the business; however, in reality you’re merely hiring people who are thieves and criminals because it was a STOLEN test you purchased knowingly to cheat on an exam. If any vendor discovered that you did this and aided your employee then you could be without their support to sell their product line!

Word to the wise is study hard, lab, lab, read some more, lab, lab, read some more, lab and then take authorized practice tests and see how you do. Failing an exam doesn’t mean you don’t understand the material because you could just be a terrible test taker. Whatever the case it is always good to know that you earned your certification and don’t have to hide behind the curtain of lies you created by cheating.