Burrito vs. Wireless Internet

Ever wonder when you’re working late and you want to nuke that frozen burrito in the freezer and come back to your desk to find that 12GB file is no longer being downloaded and you notice that you reconnected to your wireless network? Well, depending on what band you’re running in, namely 2.4GHz, you probably killed your wireless network connection because microwave ovens send frequencies within this band and a small leakage of these waves left the microwave and interrupted your connection. The solution? Check what channel you’re running in. If you’re using 802.11g then you’ll ONLY have channels: 1, 6, and 11 to choose from because all others in between overlap too much. Generally, if you move to channel 1 you’ll be just fine (from my experiences) but I would recommend experimenting with the channels to see what suits you best.